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Line Free Collection in Poland

Honza Bláha - one of the best trainers in Poland soon!

Line Free Collection is a style of life. Having your horse next to you free or riding without ropes, lines, neck rings, halters, bridles etc...  You can always do it... Ones :-) But this is not the goal.  In this style you will learn how to teach your horses withoutthat equipment and on top of this, everything in lightnessroundness and balance. This is the goal, challenge and fun. Of course as a beginner you will start with ropes, but as you become advanced, you will get the feeling, what it can be like and then you can teach this without using any kind of ropes. This is only for people who really, really want, who have the desire and can go through mistakes and frustration to find in the end find the harmony with the horse like dancing.

A maximum of 12 people working with a horse can join the training, while the number of listeners is unlimited! (of course we will make limit according to our phone conversation)

Students will be divided into 3 groups. A lunch break is expected during the training day. The course is conducted in English by Honza Bláha and will be simultaneously translated into Polish.

People working with horses must have a string halter, a 3.5 m long natural training rope terminated with a loop and natural stick.

You can participate in the course as - a participant with his own horse or rented from the center, you can choose to work from the ground or in the saddle.




- it is possible to rent a horse from the ranch at the price: PLN 150.00 for 2 days - boxes for private horses: PLN 100.00 for 2 days
LISTENER: PLN 300.00 for 2 days


 included in the price: coffee, tea and sweets available during the training

Accommodation and meals available at the Gryglówka Pension

the price of accommodation with breakfast is 80.00 PLN / person.

Applications for training along with booking accommodation and meals are accepted by phone or email:

Kinga Grygiel

tel .: + 48 726 763 870

e-mail: kingagrygiel@interia.pl

For accommodation, meals, renting horses or accommodation for visiting horses, please also contact the ranch contact person - Kinga Grygiel.


It's best to book a meal when booking your training.


The guarantee of undergoing training and participation in the course is paying the full amount for the course to the account number:

Kinga Grygiel

 89 1020 5112 0000 7002 0093 2665

The title should contain "participant's name, Honza Blaha training"


If We do not collect enough participants and have payments by 12/03/2020. The Clinic will not take place and all payments will be refunded.

Strasse: Zieleniec 67
Ort: Duszniki Zdrój
PLZ: 57-340
Land: Poland
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