Honza Bláha

Line Free Collection is a style of life. Having your horse next to you free or riding without ropes, lines, neck rings, halters, bridles etc...  You can always do it... ones :-) But this is not the goal.  In this style you will learn how to teach your horses withoutthat equipment and on top of this, everything in lightness, roundness and balance. This is the goal, challenge and fun. Of course as a beginner you will start with ropes, but as you become advanced, you will get the feeling, what it can be like and then you can teach this without using any kind of ropes. This is only for people who really, really want, who have the desire and can go through mistakes and frustration to find in the end find the harmony with the horse like dancing.

The purpose of this website is to help you on this way!

Honza & his team