What is the cancellation policy on lessons and classes with Honza?

Cancellations of classes are of course possible. You have to send the cancellation e-mail to your organizer and based on the moment of sending this cancellation e-mail, you will get your money credited on your bank account.

Here are the cancellation fees:

1 months or more before the event begins - 0%

30 days -15 days before the event begins -25%

14 days - 3 days before the event begins - 50%

3 days before to start - 100%

The time is calculated at the moment of receiving the cancellation e-mail request from the participant.

You will get your money on your account latest in 4 weeks from your e-mail request.

Which is the language of the lessons? Honza speak's Czech and simple English. Please check in which language will be the class you like to sign for. If there will be a translator it will be anounced in the conditions of the event. You can also ask your organizer, if there will be a translator or somebody who can help you in understanding or speaking.