date of birth:  15. 04. 1994                                                

      breed:  Czech warmblood

      mother:  Barča

      father:  Gaston Bořitovský


      Gaston is Honza's first horse. Honza has been training him since 1997. In January 2002 he took Honza on a trip to the USA, where they spent two years and performed in Parelli's " Succes with Horses Tour".

     Now they are back in the Czech Republik. You can meet them live at various shows across Europe for example: Equitana 2007,2009, Jumping Amsterdam 2007, Munich Indoors 2008, Pferd Wels 2009 etc...

     The main highlight is their mutual relation and dressage elements without any rein or string and also jumping two barrels in liberty.