Veterinary conditions



Preconditions for participation of horses at our events

The horse must be clinically healthy and without any visible symptoms of illness. It must not come from any territory on which an exit ban on animals has been imposed.

The horse must be properly vaccinated against equine influenza according to the vaccination scheme. The last vaccination dose must be administered at least 7 days prior to the departure for the event.

The owner of the horse will present the horse's passport and a record of equine infectious anaemia blood test result. The record must not be older than 6 months.


Srbice court rules

 1. Dogs are not allowed anywhere on the premises.

2. No smoking

- The ban applies everywhere on the premises.

3. Horse boarding

- Feeding and care of the horses is the responsibility of their owners. Straw and hay is available at the stable. Manure is cleaned out onto a manure cart. Before leaving after the event, the owners are expected to hand over a clean stall.

4. Parking

- Cars can be parked on the premises. Parking of horse trailers is organized upon their arrival.


Important phone numbers in the Czech Republic

 Fire department    150

Emergency medical service   155

Police   158